Here resides the vault of hidden laws. Inside you will find a treasure trove of new ways to enjoy The High Seize. But use these rules with caution, for too many optional rules at once may cause the game to become unplayable.

Shoot the Moon – If a player manages to achieve a score of exactly negative two by sinking all their cards with a positive value, but keeping their traitor card, they win the game.

Cycling – When a ship sinks, the cards are discarded like normal, but the remaining cards are shuffled back into the player’s deck. Rounds continue until one player has less than 4 cards in their deck. Then everyone is scored based on the cards left in their deck. (To shorten game length, you can limit decks to only 12 cargo cards. This should be the same cargo cards for all players. It is recommended you remove the extra sails card and the 3 smuggler cards.)

The Biggest Loser – Players can choose to either be scored normally or be scored by their cards in the discard pile only. Potato cards are still scored based on the number in the discard pile. Try to be the biggest loser!