Event/weather deck rules

Once you have played your first game and gotten used to the basic rules, we recommend you include the optional weather and event cards. To do so, shuffle them all together into a pile and place it face down on the table. Every round, after each player has played exactly one cargo card, the player who played first this round takes the top card of the event deck and reads it to everyone. The new rules on the card take effect for that round. Unless otherwise stated on the event card, one ship always sinks like normal. For event cards that reference the value of a cargo card, all cards with “?” value count as 1 value.

Terminology disambiguation:

Turn – When a player plays a card, that ends their turn. Play then rotates to that player’s left.

Hand / round – Players typically draw 4 cards from their cargo deck, and this is their hand. After all players have played all their cards, the “round” is over.

Sink / seize / discard / lost at sea – These all mean the same thing. Place discarded cards from any player in the same pile face down until the end of the game.

Cargo value clarification:

Potatoes: If two or more potatoes were discarded, there starts to be a food shortage, and the value of potatoes goes up. Simply count the number of potatoes in the discard pile, and each potato card not in the discard pile is worth that much, with a minimum value of 1.

Smuggler: The three “smuggler” cards are worth less if you do not have all three. Three smuggler cards total 9 value, while two smuggler cards total 4 value, and one smuggler card is worth only 1 value.